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When most people think of personal injury accidents, they think of the event itself, not the aftermath that often comes as a result. But for victims of these accidents, it can be nearly impossible to move on from debilitating consequences like scarring and disfigurement.

If you are suffering from scarring as a result of a personal injury accident, you may be able to collect damages. Our personal injury lawyers at Gerash Steiner Blanton, P.C. represent Denver residents with devotion and have over 30 years of experience backing their efforts. Your case matters – let our lawyers be the one to resolve it.

What compensation could I be awarded for scars or disfigurement?

Millions of personal injury accidents happen in the United States every year. While the circumstances surrounding them vary, each one is caused by an individual or entity’s failure to exercise appropriate caution. At the hands of another’s negligence, it is not uncommon to suffer pain that can last a lifetime.

Scarring and disfigurement can happen for a multitude of reasons – chemical burns, road rash, and botched cosmetic surgeries all account for this terrible consequence. When you file a claim, there are a number of damages you may be able to recover based on your injuries.

Three Main Types of Damages:

  • Special damages: Any economic losses, including medical expenses and lost wages
  • Punitive damages: Damages the defendant is required to pay as retribution
  • General damages: Losses that do not necessarily have a dollar amount, like pain and suffering, or emotional distress

A clear and well-developed claim will go a long way in recovering the compensation you deserve. Our firm can help you pursue the just outcome you need to gain peace of mind. We have been a vital part of numerous successful claims, both large and small. When your ability to live a full and enjoyable life is on the line, why work with a firm you can’t trust?

Our experienced attorneys also handle other types of injury cases, including:

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