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Every day we depend upon manufacturers and distributors to test the products that they sell to ensure they are safe for mass consumption. We trust them with our lives but sometimes our trust is misplaced. Very rarely do we ever expect to suffer a serious injury after using a brand new or lightly used product.

When you’ve been the victim of a defective product, you have the right to seek fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages associated with your injury. You also have a right to hold the manufacturer accountable for their negligence and to demand that they do what’s right. Often, defective products will get removed or automobiles recalled from the market. Unfortunately, in most cases this will only occur after injured people bring lawsuits and the company loses.

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Common Defective Product Case Examples

Due to strict federal regulations put into place by government entities such as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), products must go through rigorous safety testing before being manufactured and distributed for mass use. Because of these strict testing requirements, we have come to expect that most products are deemed safe for use and consumption. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If a product manufacturer has specifically chosen to value profit over the general safety of the public, our Denver product liability lawyers aggressively pursue justice for those who have been wrongfully harmed as a result of gross negligence. This type of professional misconduct is severely inexcusable and we are ready to take the appropriate legal recourse that can help right the wrongs committed against you, your loved one, or your family.

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Defective products can affect anyone. Some faulty product examples that we have handled include the following:

Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

  • Faulty design leading to:
    • SUV roll-overs
    • Loss of control over the vehicle
  • Defective seat belts
  • Defective air bags
  • Tire blowouts
  • Faulty brakes

Workplace Accidents

Home and Personal Products

  • Defective space heaters
  • Faulty smoke alarms and fire extinguishers
  • Defective children’s toys
  • Defective infant equipment (strollers, car seats, playpens)
  • Faulty drugs that lead to serious injury or wrongful death
  • Defective medical devices

Experienced Denver Injury Attorneys on Your Side

Each of our Denver injury lawyers has more than a decade of experience to draw upon when bringing your case forward in negotiations or in a jury trial. Additionally, we also draw upon the first-hand medical experience of Attorney Eric Steiner, M.D. An experienced physician, Mr. Steiner is invaluable in helping us prove the severity of injuries associated with serious defective product cases.

For example, a natural gas company worker suffered debilitating lung damage after a toxic agent used in drilling preparation exploded in his face. Our experienced defective product attorneys proved that the manufacturer had failed to warn that protective gear was required when handling the anti-bacterial chemical. We were able to negotiate a multi-million-dollar settlement for the worker and his family

Choose Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C. – No Fees Unless We Win!

At Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C. we handle all personal injury and wrongful death cases on a strict contingency fee basis. This means that our clients do not have to worry about paying any legal fees. You won’t have to pay unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for you. When we win on your behalf, our legal fees can be paid according to an agreed upon percentage of the final settlement.

Feel free to review some representative cases we’ve handled for injured clients and grieving families. Then contact us to see how we can help you find justice and accountability after an injury from a defective product.