Have You Lost a Loved One Because of Someone Else’s Negligence?

At Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C., our lawyers are committed to supporting those who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents at work, on Colorado highways, as a result of medical negligence, or other accidents caused by reckless behavior.

Our Denver personal injury law office staff provides reliable and kindhearted counsel to wives, husbands, parents, and children dealing with wrongful death lawsuits. Our trial attorney can seek complete justice for surviving family members in complex claims against negligent businesses, insurance providers, and medical professionals.

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Utilizing Decades of First-Hand Medical Experience to Maximize Your Claim

When representing clients in wrongful death cases involving claims of medical malpractice, we work closely with Attorney Eric Steiner, M.D. As a physician and a practicing lawyer, Dr. Steiner provides valuable legal insight on medical issues that apply in preventable fatality cases.

At Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C., we understand how to maximize damages in a political climate of tort reform. The Colorado wrongful death statute places limits on damage awards. But this law does not apply to lost income. We completely understand the laws and procedures governing wrongful death claims and can use our knowledge of the law to leverage your claim into the most beneficial position possible.

Providing Powerful Arguments in Wrongful Death Matters

  • Auto collisions – Including drunk driving accidents and commercial truck crashes
  • Faulty products – Dangerous drugs, automobile defects, and product liability cases
  • Medical malpractice suits – Improper diagnosis or failure to treat
  • Workplace accidents – Construction sites, hazardous machinery, lack of protocol
  • Premises liability claims – Inefficient security, slip & fall cases, rabid dog bites

Colorado Wrongful Death Statute

The law for wrongful death in Colorado states that the surviving spouse is able to file a wrongful death claim within the first year of the death, then any surviving children can file a claim at the start of the second year. If there are no children, then the decedent’s surviving parents can file a wrongful death claim. If no claim is filed within two years, then the statute of limitations has expired. At that point, no one will be able to file a claim, so it’s important to act quickly.

What is Wrongful Death?

Technically, any death that is the result of someone else’s negligence or intentional actions can be considered a wrongful death. Most commonly, wrongful death lawsuits are filed for car accident deaths, victims of medical malpractice, or nursing home abuse and neglect. Our Denver wrongful death attorneys can help you determine if you have a valid wrongful death case and then help you fight for the full compensation you deserve.

What Can I Be Compensated For?

With a wrongful death claim, you can sue the responsible party for monetary damages such as lost income, medical costs, and funeral expenses. You can also include other damages such as loss of benefits and loss of companionship. No dollar amount seems fair for the loss of a loved one, but our Denver wrongful death lawyers will help you determine the right amount for your situation.

No Recovery, No Fee – Contact Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C. Today!

To make things easier for our clients during their time of need, we work for contingency fee agreements. We will not collect any payment we successfully win you a fair settlement or beneficial compensation. Any fees that we do collect will be taken out of a portion of your settlement, not out of your pocket or savings account.

To view some of the successful results we have achieved on behalf of wrongful death clients and their families, please review our representative cases. We proudly provide free case consultations on all personal injury and wrongful death claims. Contact our Colorado wrongful death attorney to learn more about how we can help you.

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