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The Federal Employees’ Liability Act (FELA) was a law passed in 1905 by the United States Congress. The Act was implemented to help protect railroad workers who were injured on the job. This law is still in effect and continues to establish the rights of railroad workers who have suffered injuries.

Know your rights under FELA:

  • The right to retain your own lawyer
  • The right to talk about the accident and the injuries you received with a lawyer
  • The right to sue your employer for your injuries

Helping Railroad Workers Get Compensated for Work-Related Injuries

In addition, as a railroad worker you have the right to see the doctor of your choice rather than one recommended by your employer. Under the FELA, railroad employees are able to file lawsuits against their employers for the damages they have suffered. These damages may include missed wages and future wages, loss of earning capacity, emotional suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, medical bills, and more. Traditional workers’ compensation programs are generally much more limited and do not give workers the right to sue their employers.

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If you are a railroad employee and you were hurt on the job, talk to a Denver FELA attorney about your case and the rights provided to you by federal law. Our Denver firm has been representing railroad injury victims for years. At Gerash Steiner Blanton, P.C., we are committed to advancing the rights of the clients we represent, as well as their families. Do not hesitate to talk to our experienced personal injury lawyers in Denver about your case.

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