Understand the Dangers of Large Trucks on Colorado Roadways

Large commercial trucks are a natural part of the nation’s commerce system and these vehicles are used constantly to transport cargo from coast to coast across the United States. While truck drivers and the companies that employ them serve an important role in the country’s economy, they also pose a serious danger to other drivers on American roadways due to their massive size.

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Federal Trucking Regulations – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Every year, approximately half a million truck accidents occur in the United States. Of this number, about five thousand result in fatalities. Most of the victims in these accidents are the drivers and passengers of conventional vehicles. Negligent or reckless driving is always dangerous, but the danger increases when the driver is operating a vehicle weighing five tons or more.

For this reason, the federal government has enacted a series of laws designed to regulate truck drivers and the companies that employ them. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established these safety measures in order to protect other motorists.

Federal trucking regulations include:

  • Mandatory rest periods
  • Proper loading of the vehicle including certain weight restrictions
  • Regular inspections
  • Zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use
  • Training for all drivers

Failure to observe these regulations could result in death or serious injury. Other motorists have a right to be protected from irresponsible commercial drivers. When a negligent commercial truck driver refuses to adhere to federal and state trucking regulations, fatal collisions can occur. In the event of a trucking accident, you must take immediate legal action by seeking counsel from our Denver truck accident attorneys at Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C.

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