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Have you been charged with a child pornography crime or other Internet sex crime? These charges are very serious matters that require the attention of an experienced lawyer with a proven record in similar cases. With decades of collective criminal defense experience, our Denver defense attorneys at Gerash Steiner Blanton, P.C., have what it takes to defend your rights in Colorado against all Internet sex crime accusations.

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Protecting Your Rights Is Our Priority

Having our team in your corner who understands the technical aspects of Internet crime cases is imperative. Sex crimes can expose you to an indeterminate life sentence, meaning you may never receive parole. By working with seasoned professionals who have handled all types of criminal defense matters, we are able to develop unique defenses based on the specifics of your case. You can rely on our extensive legal experience, aggressive investigative strategies, and tenacious defense advocacy to help you beat your sex crime charges.

We can help you through any Internet sex crime charge, including:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Internet luring of a child
  • Internet sexual exploitation of a child (can involve “sexting”)

Effective Defense Strategies to Challenge Your Charge

There are a number of defenses to possession of child pornography. One common situation arises when an alleged perpetrator is unaware that an Internet download contained child pornography. Prosecutors may not be able to prove their case if an attorney is able to prove that there was a lack of knowledge on the part of his or her client to possess the offending materials.

Just like other sex offenses, the state of Colorado prosecutes alleged child pornography violators aggressively. At Gerash Steiner Blanton, P.C., we are not in the business of casting aspersions or passing judgment. We are in the business of legal defense. We will investigate your case, anticipate the prosecutors’ tactics and protect your legal rights effectively. Let us help you move forward with your life.

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For answers to your difficult criminal defense questions, do not hesitate to consult with our experienced lawyers today. Your initial case consultation is free of charge. We do not judge our clients; rather, we fight to ensure their rights are protected.

Our experienced legal team also handles other types of criminal charges cases, including:

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