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Denver residents charged with a repeat DUI should be extremely diligent when considering their legal response. The consequences of multiple DUI convictions in Colorado can be very serious. If you are in this situation, it is important that you get legal advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Our Denver multiple DUI defense lawyers have decades of collective criminal defense experience. We are dedicated to providing excellent client service and aggressive legal representation.

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Multiple DUI Charges Result in More Severe Penalties

While a first DUI/DWAI conviction is certainly no laughing matter, multiple convictions and repeat DUIs will have a huge impact on your life. In addition to being virtually uninsurable for auto insurance purposes, you face the prospect of other serious state-imposed penalties.

Consequences could include:

  • Criminal penalties, including up to one year in jail, a $1,500 fine, mandatory minimum 48 up to 120 hours of public service, alcohol education classes and two years of probation
  • A one-year license revocation with no option for early reinstatement for a work permit
  • A refusal to take a blood or breath test upon being pulled over brings a one-year license suspension. Second and third refusals each add an additional year of license suspension.
  • A lifetime loss of right to hold a Colorado commercial driver’s license

If you have been charged with a second DUI, don’t wait. Your rights, driving privileges, and freedoms could be hanging in the delicate balance of justice. Do not let a judge decide your fate: choose to fight your charges today.

Consequences Associated with Third Offenses and Beyond

The consequences for additional convictions become more severe. Punishments for a third DUI offense could result in at least 70 days to one year in jail, up to $1,500 in fines and a two-year license suspension. In addition, you will have to attend court-ordered alcohol treatment, install an ignition interlock device (IID) in your car and do more community service.

While this may seem serious, a fourth DUI conviction can result in felony charges and in the defendant being charged as a habitual offender. At this point, jail time and serious sentencing enhancements come into play, and retaining a defense lawyer is a must.

We Believe a Solid Criminal Defense Is the Only Defense

In order to get the best possible outcome, you need an attorney who knows the art of defense. You should strongly consider hiring another, more experienced lawyer if your current advocate is inexperienced or is failing to investigate your case proactively.

In order to gather appropriate evidence for your defense case, we ask:

  • How high was your blood alcohol content?
  • Did the officer follow the correct protocol in stopping you and administering sobriety tests?
  • Was the equipment used to test your BAC faulty?
  • Can the prosecution prove that you were driving the vehicle?

Our defense team has decades of combined legal experience in trying impaired driving cases, including numerous cases involving multiple DUI offenses. Attorney Daniel Gerash has a long track record of negotiating reduced penalties, getting charges dismissed outright before trial, and winning not-guilty jury verdicts.

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