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Best Car Safety Features to Prevent Accidents in Colorado

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), approximately 92,910 car accidents occurred in Colorado in 2021. Of those accidents, just under 30,000 were front-to-rear accidents, and 21,609 were front-to-side accidents. More than 8,000 crashes involved drivers going the same direction, resulting in a side-to-side impact, and 7,492 involved parked cars. As of August 31, CDOT reports Colorado’s roadways have seen 52,099 accidents in 2022. Automobile crashes can have devastating physical and financial consequences.

Automakers (often urged by lawmakers) have been working hard to develop potentially life-saving safety features to help reduce the chances of a car accident. 

In this article, the team at Gerash Steiner Blanton, P.C. explores some of the best car safety features to prevent accidents in Colorado. 

At Gerash Steiner Blanton, P.C., we fight for Colorado’s personal injury victims. The accident wasn’t your fault, and you shouldn’t have to pick up the pieces without help. We can help you get the compensation you deserve to move forward. Contact us today.

Backup Cameras

Backing your car up is one of the most dangerous maneuvers a driver can make. Whether you’re reversing out of a parking spot or your garage, you must be able to see behind you. The federal government requires all 2019 and later passenger vehicle models to have a backup camera. 

If you’re in the market for a new car, any new model you view should have one of these. When looking for a used vehicle, shop around to find one with a backup camera. Some cars go a step further and beep or even turn on the brakes if something is in your path when backing up. 

GPS Navigation System in the Vehicle

Anytime you’re looking away from the road while driving, you put people at risk. Punching directions into your phone or looking down to see if your next turn is coming up increases the chance of an accident. 

Fortunately, in-vehicle navigation systems can reduce the number of times you take your eyes off the road. Instead of looking on your phone for directions, the on-screen navigation system appears in a convenient location. Using the car’s built-in sound system, the car lets you know when your next turn is coming up. 

Put your mind at ease and give yourself one less thing to worry about by looking for a car with a built-in navigation system. 

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) Systems

AEB systems scan the vehicle’s surroundings and can apply the brakes to avoid an impact. For example, if a bike is lying in the parking lot and the driver doesn’t slow down, the AEB system might come online and slow the car down. 

Some AEB systems scan intersections to determine the location and speed of other vehicles. If the driver fails to slow down or doesn’t slow down enough, the AEB system will apply the brakes to help ensure the car doesn’t collide with another vehicle. 

Given the high number of car accidents that occur in intersections, AEB systems can be an essential car accident prevention tool. 

Blind Spot Warning Systems

In days past, side mirrors with blind spot viewing panes were the newest in car safety. Now, blind spot detection has an upgrade waiting for you. 

Blind spot warning systems notify the driver if there is a car or obstacle on either side of the vehicle. The program may communicate this information to the driver with a blinking light, by beeping, or by providing haptic feedback through the steering wheel. 

When driving on the highway or even on a two-lane road, having a blind spot warning system can make all the difference. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control maintains the car’s speed and detects vehicles and objects around the car. The car automatically adjusts the cruise control speed to maintain a safe distance between it and other vehicles on the road. 

Some systems take this a step further and will bring the car to a complete stop and restart it again in slow traffic. This feature is particularly useful for Colorado residents, as bumper-to-bumper rush-hour traffic tends to cause the most accidents. Adaptive cruise control may be an essential accident prevention measure for your commute. 

Lane Departure Warning and Prevention Systems

Lane departure systems come in two forms: warning and prevention. Lane departure warning systems let the driver know when the car is leaving the painted lane with no turn signal on. Prevention systems go a step further and physically prevent the vehicle from going into another lane until the turn signal is on. 

The system uses cameras and sensors around the outside of the vehicle to gauge the road and the car’s position on it. Lane departure systems are vital safety features in cars that prevent accidents from distracted or fatigued driving, which is when drivers are most likely to drift into another lane. By requiring the driver to have their turn signal on while going into another lane, the car helps ensure surrounding vehicles know the car is about to effect a lane change. Combined with technology like blind spot detection, this can be a powerful and effective safety feature. 

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Car accidents can strike anyone at any time and cause any number of physical, financial, and emotional injuries. Even if you have the best car safety features to prevent accidents in Colorado, an error may occur that causes an accident. 

Our team is committed to helping Colorado’s personal injury victims and their families maximize the compensation they receive. We will listen to what happened and gather the appropriate evidence to help create a strong case in your favor. 

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