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Why You Need to Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney

The death of a loved one is a tremendous loss in any situation. If someone else’s actions caused your loved one’s death, it can be infuriating and inspire you to seek justice. Filing a wrongful death claim provides surviving family members with a way to recover compensation for their losses. While nothing can truly replace your loved one, financial...

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How a Snakebite Ended in a Wrongful Death Suit

A Snakebite Resulted in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Here’s Why On May 17, 2019, 62-year-old Priscilla Meredith was bitten by a canebrake rattlesnake while gardening at her home near the Georgia coast. When Meredith arrived at the ER, the doctor did not treat her with antivenom but instead called the Georgia poison control helpline. Helpline workers told the ER...

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What’s the Difference Between a Will and a Trust?

Wills and trusts are both estate planning instruments that allow you to give specific directives about how you want your property managed and distributed. These legal documents could clear challenges others may face when deciding what to do with your assets when you are unable to do so yourself. However, there are differences between the two. When the Document Goes into...

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