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Colorado Age of Consent Laws

Age of consent laws exist to protect children. A child who allegedly violates these laws potentially faces criminal prosecution. However, the Colorado age of consent laws contain exemptions that could protect younger people from facing the devastating consequences of a sexual assault charge.  You will need an aggressive defense lawyer if you or your child faces allegations of sexual...

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National Surge in Background Checks & Gun Sales

Background Checks for Guns Increased by 40%, FBI Reports Global pandemic. School and business closures. Unstable economy. Nationwide protests. Police brutality. The desire for self-protection. These are some leading factors that may have resulted in the increase in gun sales in 2020. The FBI reported performing over 4.3 million firearm background checks in January 2021 alone, compared to 2.7...

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What Is the Difference Between Assault & Aggravated Assault?

Is Assault a Felony in Colorado? Unlike many other states, Colorado divides assault into 3 degrees, with first and second-degree assault being known as “aggravated assault” and third-degree assault being the same as simple assault. As such, our lawyers often get asked, “Is assault a felony in Colorado?” The answer: It depends. First and second-degree assaults are felonies, while...

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What’s the Difference Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor?

In Colorado, crimes are divided into different levels – two of them being felonies and misdemeanors. The state’s laws treat offenses committed in these categories differently, which is most notably evident in the penalties assessed for a conviction. Felonies in Colorado Felonies are the most serious type of offense. These crimes can include false imprisonment, sexual assault, aggravated robbery,...

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