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Some people are afraid to hire legal representation, and others are afraid to tell their attorneys the truth. These people probably don’t know how attorney-client privilege protects their rights and ensures they get the best legal representation possible. But what is attorney-client privilege?


Legal privilege is a concept that allows clients to have an open dialogue with their attorneys. Once an attorney accepts someone as their client, any communication between them is considered “privileged.”

The attorney cannot share privileged information without the client’s permission. Whether someone was liable in a car crash or stole a car, the attorney cannot share the client’s information with anyone. Attorneys are sworn to defend their client, regardless of whether their client committed the act.


Attorney-client privilege was developed in the 1500s. The idea is that this bond makes clients more likely to tell the whole truth, as it happened. In turn, knowing all the facts allows the attorney to give the best possible advice (in an interrogation, for example) and produce the best possible defense.

However, the attorney-client privilege does not extend to advice on committing a crime or confessions about future crimes. If, for example, someone called their attorney to ask how to commit fraud without being caught, attorney-client privilege would not apply.


Clients need not fear after the trial. Attorney-client privilege is in perpetuity. An attorney cannot reveal privileged information about their client after 50 years or even 100 years. That’s because deceased persons are under the protection of attorney-client privilege as well.

The accused have nothing to fear when speaking to their attorneys. They should maintain an open, honest relationship that lays out the facts exactly as they happened. The attorney will handle the rest.

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