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GPS tracking darts in Colorado

New technology is being used by the police of Colorado in order to circumvent possible hazardous situations on the road. This new GPS technology comes in the form of darts, which are deployed from squad cars.

The purpose of these darts is to stop high-speed pursuits and even prevent them from taking place at all. These darts, StarChase, use real-time GPS imaging, which gives police officers an incredible advantage while on the job.

These GPS darts use adhesive materials and proprietary technology thus preventing suspects from successfully removing the devices. The president of StarChase Trevor Fischbach advocates for these darts as revolutionary in the field of law enforcement, as they aim to provide a form of de-escalation for police officers.

With the advent of this technology, future suspects may be less likely to try to escape from police. However, the jury is still out on whether the use of these darts can avoid search warrant regulations.

According to Arvada police and ACLU leaders, these darts are legal under the constitutional protections against searching and tracking without a warrant. If officers have probable cause to believe a crime has been committed, the use of these darts is permissible.

Over 30 states have applied the use of this technology, and the city of Denver is looking to adopt these GPS darts for its police officers.

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