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What You Need to Know as a Teen Driver

The excitement of getting your license comes with dreams of freedom, driving around when and where you want with your friends, staying out late because your parents don’t have to pick you up, and heading out to the beach while chatting with your friends about what they are up to.

These dreams may actually be about breaking the law, without you knowing it. These laws are meant to keep new drivers, and potential passengers, safe as you learn the ways of the road.

Our team has put together a quick guide to teen driving laws, so you can be ahead of the game, and help your friends avoid trouble as well.

Teen Driving Laws: Quick Reference

Follow the rules below to keep from unnecessary traffic stops, arrests, and to make sure that you don’t lose your driver’s license before you break it in:

  • Curfew: New drivers are not allowed to drive between midnight and 5:00am. The exceptions to this rule are: driving with a parent or guardian over age 21, driving to a school function (documentation must be available), and medical emergencies.
  • Texting or talking on the phone: It is illegal for drivers under 18 to text or talk on the phone while driving.
  • Passengers: For the 1st 6 months, you cannot have passengers under 21 years of age. For the 2nd 6 months, you may have 1 passenger under 21. Exceptions are siblings or medical emergencies.
  • Zero tolerance: There is absolutely zero tolerance for teen drivers to have alcohol or drugs in their system while driving. (You can lose your license if caught drinking, even if you are not driving at the time of arrest.)

Following these simple rules can mean the difference between having your license and losing it, so be sure that any risk you take is worth it.

Did You Get a DUI?

If you or your loved one was arrested for DUI or DWI as a teen driver, you need a skilled DUI attorney who can help you build a case. This is a serious offense, and it can tarnish your record for years to come.

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