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Attorney Daniel P. Gerash

The apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree- at least not in Attorney Daniel P. Gerash’s case. Attorney Daniel Gerash’s legal reputation started well before his own legal career took flight, it began with that of his father, Walter L. Gerash.

Attorney Daniel Gerash always looked up to his father, especially when he became old enough to understand the gravity of the civil and legal work he prided himself in. It was his father’s excellent career and can-do attitude that inspired Attorney Daniel Gerash to pursue his own legal career.

The Success of Walter Gerash

Attorney Walter Gerash has served as a well-known figure in the world of law throughout his 50+ years of practice. A zealous criminal defense attorney now in his 80’s, Walter Gerash has made a name for himself defending those accused of news-worthy murder cases, such as the Father’s Day Massacre, the midnight rapist, and the murder of heavyweight boxer Ron Lyle’s trainer.

He used hard-hitting legal strategies to defend his clients, many of whom were either acquitted or committed, after pleading insanity.

But, his legal accomplishments go far beyond that of a stellar criminal defense attorney, he was also a zealous civil rights advocate. Attorney Walter Gerash frequently provided pro bono work for those arrested for protesting or exercising their civil liberties. He defended those who couldn’t defend themselves, and he stood up against oppressive legal action.

To learn more about the success of Attorney Walter Garesh, read the article, titled “The Supreme Warrior” published on the Super Lawyers website.

Attorney Dan Garesh is extraordinarily proud to have such an excellent example of legal excellence in his own father, just as we are proud of the subsequent accomplishments of his son. If you wish to learn more about Attorney Daniel Garesh, or any other members of our team at Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C., we encourage you to reach out to our firm.

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