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can felons vote in colorado

Voting is one of the most important rights and responsibilities we as American citizens have in order to voice your opinion on what the government should do.

If you believe you are paying too many taxes or you want more services, you can vote for a politician who promises to fulfill your wishes.

With the midterms approaching and the presidential election only a couple of years away, millions of people will be flocking the polls to cast their ballots.

Can I Still Vote if I’ve Been Convicted of  Felony?

It is considered common knowledge that felons are not allowed to vote; however, that is not entirely true.

In Colorado, felons can vote after they serve their prison sentence and complete parole. Additionally, they can also vote while on probation, in jail for a misdemeanor conviction, awaiting trial, or currently on bond during a pending case.

Felons are ineligible to vote while serving a prison sentence and on parole.

How Do I Vote After Serving My Sentence?

If you are a felon and completed parole, it is important to understand that you will not receive an official letter from the Colorado Secretary of State which informs you that you are eligible to vote. Rather, you need to reapply for voter registration and mail it to your county election’s office.

Keep in mind, if the office’s database still lists you as being under supervision, you will receive an ineligibility letter from the office. This is your opportunity to respond stating that you have finished your sentence and parole and show proof of discharge.

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