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Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do every day. Even when we are of completely sound and alert mind, accidents happen.

These accidents increase exponentially when you or other drivers on the road have been drinking, speeding, or are generally driving distracted.

At Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C., we want to put an end to the thousands of people who die from motor vehicle crashes every year in the U.S. Doing so is a collective effort, and working together as a community, we can all contribute to a safer driving experience for all.

Here are 4 easy ways to promote safety on the road:

  • Avoid distracted driving – Cell phones, whether they are hands-free or handheld, are incredible inhibitors to the human brain while driving. As cell phone technology advances, distracted driving increases. Even if your device is hands-free, it contributes to taking away your attention from the road, and thus is a dangerous threat to road safety.
  • Educate teen drivers – For new teen drivers, car accidents are the number one cause of fatality. Inexperience is the culprit for this horrific trend, and with the right resources, we can all educate the teens in our lives about the dangers of passenger distraction, nighttime driving, and cell phone use.
  • Employers enforcing driver training – Countless professions rely on driving as their main source of income. Employers need to enforce the safety of their drivers on the road by making sure they provide them with proper vehicles and equipment to prevent hazardous environments.
  • Defensive driving safety training – Defensive driving courses focus on incorporating risk management, employee engagement, and risk management as part of their training. Updating and enforcing strict policies on cell phone use, seat belts, and alcohol or prescription drug use are just the start of what can help reduce these horrible accidents.

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