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Patients unknowingly suffer from hospital negligence every day. Do you know the signs and indicators to look for? Below, we list 4 of the most common signs, and we explain how to file a claim if you or a loved one have suffered.


Also known as pressure ulcers, bedsores are blister-like marks on the skin that form when someone has stayed in the same position for too long.

Ranging in severity, stage 1 and 2 bed sores are more like red blotches on the skin, whereas stage 3 and 4 bedsores are open wounds that can reach down into the muscle or bone.

If the hospital staff is properly caring for the patient and turning/repositioning them regularly, bedsores are unlikely.

Because these types of wounds worsen over time, the severity of the bedsores can indicate the extent of the negligence.

2.Transmission of a Disease

Medical professionals provide treatments, surgeries and other healthcare within the walls of a hospital. To ensure the health of their patients, hospitals must maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

This refers to not only the overall cleanliness of patients’ rooms and surgical areas, but the sanitation of equipment, bedsheets, and bathrooms as well.

If hospital employees fail to follow cleanliness protocols or procedures, patients can contract diseases or infections from other patients, which can lead to permanent injury and even death.

When unsanitary equipment and/or environments lead to the transmission of disease, it’s considered a form is of hospital negligence.

3.Inattentive Staff

Even if a hospital seems understaffed or overcrowded, your healthcare should not suffer because of it. Hospital staff should provide attentive care to all patients.

This includes responding to “call” buttons or medical sensor alerts, as well as providing sufficient care for patients who need it, such as helping an elderly patient to the bathroom. When this does not occur, the hospital may be guilty of negligence.

4.Early Patient Discharge

Hospitals often do not have the bed space or staff to accommodate every person who walks through the door. In some cases, this may lead to the early discharge of patients who appear to be “ok.”

If a patient is prematurely released without the proper testing, diagnosis, or medical stability, the discharge may be an example of negligence. Early discharge can lead to injury, increased severity of an illness, or even stroke or heart attack.

Filing a Hospital Negligence Claim

Unlike other medical malpractice cases, hospital negligence claims do not necessarily involve treatment from a doctor. Rather, they involve the condition of patient care related directly to the hospital.

As most doctors are independently contracted by the hospitals they work for, misdiagnosis from a doctor is not a case of hospital negligence.

Because of this, hospital negligence cases often require an outside medical expert or professional to testify that the act in question was negligent, and would not have occurred from another medical professional.

A medical malpractice attorney can help you collect the appropriate evidence to prove your hospital negligence case and advocate on your behalf in court.

Due to the technicalities and details involved in making this kind of claim, having the knowledge of a legal professional is key to the success of your claim.

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