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Appealing a Final Decision

The appeals process begins after a final decision has been made in a criminal or civil case. The individual who wishes to challenge the decision takes their case to a higher appeals court. Here, a panel of judges will review the original case record to determine if there was an error in interpreting the law that affected the decision.

The strength of a successful appeal lies in your attorney’s ability to prove that an error unduly influenced the court’s first decision, and a reversal is now in order. Our Denver appellate lawyers are well-versed in filing and arguing appeals, and we will conduct rigorous research in our review of relevant case law and original trial records in order to determine if any legal errors occurred.

Developing Persuasive Appellate Briefs

When a case is taken to an appeals court, it is not going through a second trial. Attorneys do not present arguments, question witnesses, or present new evidence during this process. Rather, they submit a written document, called an appellate brief, that argues why the final decision should be reversed or upheld. The judges who review the appeal will refer to the briefs and the facts of the original case when making a decision. At Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C., we are practiced at crafting compelling briefs and can develop a cogent argument for your case.

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