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Criminal defense lawyers perform a critical role in the American criminal justice system. These attorneys have a duty to ensure that those accused of crimes have their rights protected and receive a fair trial. While representing and defending those charged with crimes, Colorado defense attorneys are on the front lines daily. Therefore, they are in the best position to recognize the problems that exist within the criminal justice system and know what it will take to fix those issues.

Those facing criminal charges should contact the experienced Fort Collins defense attorneys at Gerash Steiner Blanton, P.C. The attorneys at our office play a vital role in protecting the interests of those accused of crimes in Colorado. Our attorneys represent individuals facing felonies and misdemeanors from initial hearings to appeals. Contact us online or call our office at 720-821-6362 to learn how we can help you.

What Kinds of Criminal Defense Cases Do You Handle?

Some of the cases that our Fort Collins criminal defense attorneys typically handle include the following:

  • Domestic violence,
  • Drug charges,
  • Distribution & trafficking,
  • Felony crimes,
  • Gun crimes,
  • Internet sex crimes,
  • Juvenile crimes,
  • Prescription drug crimes,
  • Rape,
  • Sex crimes,
  • Theft,
  • Violent crimes, and
  • White-collar crimes.

Defending against these crimes requires an extensive and comprehensive understanding of various statutory and procedural rules.

The Colorado Criminal Court System

Colorado criminal courts play essential roles in many people’s lives, especially those accused of a crime. Criminal cases in Colorado trial courts generally involve charges of violating laws enacted by the Colorado General Assembly. These charges are filed by government attorneys, commonly known as district attorneys. Some criminal charges are filed after the facts have been presented to a grand jury. However, grand jury indictments are rare in Colorado courts.

Types of Courts

There are several different courts in Colorado that handle various kinds of matters. These courts include:

  • Municipal,
  • County,
  • Small-Claims,
  • District Courts,
  • Water Courts,
  • Problem-Solving Courts,
  • Court of Appeals, and
  • The Colorado Supreme Court.

In addition, Denver courts vary from the courts in the rest of the state, partially because Denver is a city and a county. Denver is the only jurisdiction that has a separate juvenile court and a separate probate court.

An experienced Fort Collins criminal defense lawyer can help those accused of crimes understand the complex judicial system and protect their interests.

When Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal cases are some of the most publicly visible matters that Colorado courts handle, and these cases have significant private and societal implications. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible has many benefits. It gives the attorney and client the opportunity to resolve the charges early, and if the case doesn’t resolve early, it gives them enough time to strategically plan and mount a defense.

Typically, the criminal court process in Fort Collins involves:

  • Arrest,
  • Booking,
  • Bail,
  • Indictment,
  • Advisement,
  • Arraignment,
  • Preliminary hearing,
  • Pretrial conferences,
  • Pretrial Motions,
  • Disposition hearings,
  • Jury trials, and
  • Sentencing hearings.

Additionally, some cases involve post-trial motions and appeals. An attorney can help at every stage of the criminal court process. They can help their client avoid the risks and stress of going to trial. Or if they must go to trial or take a plea, an attorney knows how to persuade the prosecutor or judge to impose the least restrictive penalties possible.

What Is at Stake? Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Many people do not fully comprehend the life-altering consequences of even minor criminal charges. Arrests, criminal charges, convictions, and sentences can significantly impact a person’s familial relationships, financial livelihood, and mental health. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help mitigate the criminal justice system’s impact on those accused of crimes in Colorado.

An attorney is essential because they understand the complicated judicial system, court rules, and the rules of evidence. They know how and when to file pretrial motions, and they know how to persuasively argue those motions. 

Furthermore, local attorneys know the area judges and how they think. Many experienced defense attorneys have a career-long history of working with local prosecutors. The relationships they’ve formed over the years give them a distinct advantage when negotiating plea deals on behalf of their clients. With so much at stake, it’s wise to contact our aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys to ensure that you get the best defense possible.

Defenses to Colorado Criminal Charges

An experienced criminal defense attorney is best positioned to review facts, investigate the case, negotiate deals, and provide the best possible defenses for their clients. There are a number of legal defenses against criminal charges. However, the likelihood of success depends on a variety of factors. 

Some common defenses to criminal charges in Colorado include:

  • Accidents,
  • Alibis,
  • Coerced confessions,
  • Duress,
  • Entrapment,
  • False accusation,
  • Insanity,
  • Involuntary acts,
  • Mistaken identity or mistake of fact,
  • Police misconduct, and
  • Self-defense.

These are just some of the possible defenses. Your attorney needs to carefully consider the facts of your case to determine the best defense strategy in your case. Some strategies—such as filing a motion to suppress evidence based on constitutional violations—can result in the judge dismissing your case entirely. Others, like alibis, can be presented to get you a good plea bargain or an outright acquittal at trial.

Have You Been Charged with a Crime in Fort Collins, CO?

If you were recently arrested and charged with a crime, your next step should be to call the dedicated Fort Collins criminal defense lawyers at Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C. Our lawyers have a reputation as aggressive negotiators and litigators, which gives our firm an edge over many of the other Fort Collins criminal defense law firms. Regardless of the seriousness of the crimes you are facing, what your record looks like, or the evidence against you—the attorneys at Gerash Steiner & Blanton, P.C. will work with you to develop a compelling defense. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation, give us a call at 303-830-0630 today. You can also connect with us through our online contact form, and one of our criminal defense lawyers will contact you soon.

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