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Spinal Cord Injuries Explained

When an Accident Turns Catastrophic

When a spinal cord injury occurs, there is a chain reaction of damage and devastation, depending on where the injury is on your body and the severity of the injury.  The resulting effect can be catastrophic and may result in lifelong pain, disability or loss of function. If your injury is due to a car accident, motorcycle accident, sports injury or other party’s negligence, you need to speak with a Denver personal injury attorney on our team at Gerash Steiner, P.C. to discuss your case and compensation.

Signs of a spinal cord injury include:

  • Partial or complete loss of control and function of any part of the body
  • Difficulty walking or balancing
  • Extreme pain or pressure in the head, neck or back
  • Tingling or loss of sensation in the hands, arms, fingers, feet or toes
  • Impaired breathing after injury
  • Unusual lumps or disfigured spine or head
  • Urinary or bowel incontinence

The severity of your symptoms may appear immediately or can present slowly, as your swelling and immobility increases. Don’t risk being left alone to handle what could be years of recovery. Let our team help you make sure that you are covered financially so that you can focus on healing and getting back to your life.

Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can happen any time there is an impact or injury strong enough to cause the spinal cord to swell, setting off a chain of events that renders the spinal cord tissue dead and stripped of insulation. These reactions include loss of blood flow, a flood of neurotransmitters, and an invasion of immune cells which can poison the area resulting in nerve cell damage.

Common causes of spinal cord injury are:

  • Auto accidents: Car accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries due to the numerous ways an impact can jerk, twist, suspend, puncture or compact the body.
  • Falls: A seizure, medical event, slip down stairs or off a raised area can result in a catastrophic spinal cord injury.
  • Gunshot wounds: A direct hit or a sweeping gunshot like that of a shotgun can cause serious damage the spinal cord.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcycle accidents are notoriously more detrimental to the body than auto accidents because of the lack of protection from other riders, drivers, objects and the road.
  • Medical or surgical complications or accidents: Medical error or mishaps can often cause serious injury, especially when a doctor or caregiver is working in or around the spinal cord.
  • Fights or Intentional harm: Fighting, stabbing or any intentional harm done from one person to another can result in a catastrophic spinal cord injury.

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