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If you are currently facing a potential personal injury claim, you are probably feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the prospect of a lawsuit. You probably have plenty of questions regarding your specific claim. With the right legal counsel and advice, your upcoming legal procedure does not have to be as overwhelming, complex, or confusing as you may think.

Having handled hundreds of personal injury claims throughout all levels of municipal, state, and federal courts, our Denver personal injury attorneys at Gerash Steiner, P.C. are completely aware of the most common concerns that can cause anxiety for our personal injury clients. We hope our brief legal insight can shed more light on your current legal predicament.

Please consider reading through the following set of questions and answers to learn more about your particular case or to become more aware of your rights at this time.

Your Concerns Addressed by a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

What is negligence and what does it have to do with a personal injury claim?

Defined, negligence simply refers to the failure to exercise reasonable consideration or care in certain circumstances. When negligence relates to a personal injury claim, individuals who are found to have acted negligently may be held strictly liable, or responsible, for any injuries, damages, or losses that resulted from the act of negligence.

Though the concept of negligence may seem simple and straightforward, the truth remains that proving negligence can be a very complex process. Insurance companies, hospitals, or other major corporations will utilize all possible resources to deny blame or guilt. In order to hold negligent parties accountable for their misconduct, our legal team utilizes aggressive investigative tactics.

Can I recover damages for injuries that I suffered while on someone else's property?

Property owners have a duty to protect the public from an injury that may occur upon the property owner's premises. This means property owners must warn visitors or tenants of possible dangers, or removing all possible hazards from the property to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Under the protection of Colorado's premises liability laws, victims who have suffered serious injuries while on someone else's property may be able to seek financial recompense for their damages. Innocently injured victims may be able to secure compensation if they are able to prove that the property owner acted negligently and failed to meet the duty to protect the victim from injury.

As an injured railroad worker, do I have any legal remedies available to me?

Yes! Railroad workers who have been injured while on the job must file a claim for benefits under the protection of the Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA). FELA is similar to the workers' compensation program, but is limited to railroad employees. Any railroad employee filing for compensation through FELA must provide proof that some sort of employer negligence has caused the accident-related injury.

Who can file for a wrongful death claim?

Under Colorado's wrongful death statutes, only specific individuals may file a wrongful death lawsuit. A surviving spouse of the deceased is the only person who may file a claim during the first year after death. During the second year of death, however, both surviving spouse and surviving children can file a claim. If the deceased has no living spouse or children, then the deceased person's parents may file a claim for wrongful death.

What is my claim worth?

Perhaps one of the most common questions we receive pertains to the amount that a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim may be worth. Because no two cases are alike, our personal injury lawyers must take a comprehensive look at your claim. By keeping receipt of all medical costs, expenses associated with property repair, lost wages due to time off of work, or other accident-related expenses, we can help calculate the maximum amount of your claim.

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