Do I Really Need an Attorney for a Misdemeanor Offense?

While misdemeanors are usually less severe offenses, you can still receive harsh punishments for the crime. A misdemeanor, such as an arrest for driving under the influence, can result in jail time, hefty fines, lengthy drug classes, expensive car insurance and a restricted license. A DUI can even ruin your chances at a job, especially if it revolves around driving. If you are arrested for a misdemeanor, here are a few reasons why you need an attorney.

First, your attorney can help guide you through the process of the legal system, which can be terribly confusing. Instead of having no one to talk to, you can ask your attorney any questions you may have, and they should be able to answer most of them. Second, an attorney can help prove your innocence. If you have no legal representation, you can be found guilty even if you didn’t commit the crime, and that can result in a jail sentence and other unwanted consequences. In addition, if you’re a first time offender, having an attorney to prove your innocence is paramount to keeping your record clean. Once you get a criminal record, it will haunt you when you apply for jobs or for housing for several years, depending on your charge. Lastly, an attorney can save you a ton of money if you are found innocent. The national average cost of DUI is $10,000, depending on the state you live in, which is very expensive for a simple misdemeanor; an attorney’s fees would be much less than that.

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